NEW! Pretty Purple Floral Cupcake Liners

NEW! Pretty Purple Floral Cupcake Liners
Item# new-pretty-purple-floral-cupcake-liners

Product Description

Product Description Another gorgeous liner we are proud to have in our webstore.

Product information The baking cups are produced from the highest quality of Swedish greaseproof paper. All the baking cups are produced with solid and thicker paper than generally uses for baking cups. The paper is 100 % cellulose and biodegradable. For the household baker or pastry professionals who recognize the value of having quality paper baking products in their kitchens. The baking cups are available in four different sizes.

Only use paper material from Scandinavian wood. The environment is important to us.

To minimize the waste, all the products from our supplier are fully recyclable and biodegradable. Only select raw material suppliers who respect the environment where all material waste is transferred to a recycling facility

Muffin M (medium) 33 x 50mm (1,30 x 1,97) 70 g (2,48oz) 20 pcs