Chocolate Brown Cupcake Liners 100 pack

Chocolate Brown Cupcake Liners 100 pack
Item# Chocolate-Brown-Cupcake-Liners1

Product Description

Package of 100 chocolate brown cupcake liners. Adds true class to all your baking endeavours.

Professional SIZE 70 at 2 1/4inch; X 1 3/8inch; fits standard muffin pan gorgeously. Accomodates a disher portion of cupcake batter. SIZE 75 2 1/4inch X 1 5/8inch. SIZE 55 2inch X 1 3/8inch. Fits all standard muffin pans. SIZE 39 1 1/2inch X 1 1/8inch. Fits a mini muffin pan. Please make sure to choose your size preference when ordering.